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We Global Brass Electron is a trusted name in the metal components field mfg. & exporter of All Type of Earthing Accessories & Lightning Protection System as per the requirement of customer drawing & specification.

Manufactured from unmatched quality raw materials, our assortment of products is a perfect blend of efficacy and durability. To provide the utmost satisfaction to the clients, we provide customized solutions. Our right business policies have assisted us in garnering a long list of reputed clients, based all over the world.

Our products are precisely engineered and matching global standards of quality, efficacy and reliability. We believe in using innovative and cost-effective techniques to design, develop and deliver our products.

We Have Installed Technically Sound Quality Testing Machines To Test The Products For Different Parameters Like Durability, Dimensional Accuracy, Wear & Tear, And So On Before Dispatching To The Clients.

Lightning Protection System

A Lightning Protection System (LPS) is designed to protect buildings and other structures from damage caused by lightning strikes. It consists of a network of conductors, grounded rods, and surge protectors that intercept, conduct, and safely dissipate the electrical energy generated by lightning strikes. The system can help prevent fires, structural damage, and other hazards associated with lightning strikes.

Overall, the Lightning Protection System works by providing a path of least resistance for the lightning current to flow safely to the ground, rather than passing through the building or structure and potentially causing damage or harm.
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Earthing Solution

An Earth Soluction is a vital component of an electrical system that provides a safe path for the dissipation of fault currents and lightning strikes. It consists of one or more conductive rods or plates buried in the ground, connected to the electrical installation via a conductor. The Earth Electrode System ensures the safety of electrical equipment and personnel by maintaining the earth potential at a safe level.

Overall, an Earthing Solution provides a safe and reliable path for electrical currents to flow into the earth, ensuring the safety of people and equipment in electrical installations. Proper design, installation, and maintenance of Earthing Solutions are essential to ensure their effectiveness and safety.  View Products ->

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Global Brass Electron has earned esteemed certifications from various organizations. This recognition motivates us to continually improve and set higher standards.

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