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An earthing clamp, also known as a grounding clamp, is an electrical connector used to create a secure and reliable connection between an electrical circuit and the earth (ground). Earthing clamps are typically made of metal, such as copper or brass, and are designed to attach to a grounding conductor, which is then connected to an earth electrode, such as a grounding rod or plate.

Earthing clamps are used in a wide range of applications, including in electrical and electronic equipment, power systems, and building grounding systems. They play a critical role in ensuring electrical safety by providing a low-impedance path to the ground, which helps to protect against electric shock, power surges, and lightning strikes.

Earthing clamps come in many different shapes and sizes, and may include features such as serrated teeth or jaws to provide a better grip on the grounding conductor, or a set screw to secure the conductor in place. Some common types of earthing clamps include pipe clamps, rod clamps, plate clamps, and grounding strap clamps.

Earthing clamps must be chosen carefully to ensure they are suitable for the specific application and the materials they will be connected to. It is important to follow manufacturer instructions and guidelines for installation to ensure proper grounding and electrical safety.

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