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Earthing rod coupler

The Coupler, Coupling, Ground Rod Clamp, Copper Tape, Earth Pit, Square Tape, and Other Earth Rod Fittings are all components used in grounding systems to provide a safe path for electrical current to flow to the ground.

A Coupler is a device used to join two or more ground rods together, creating a continuous path to the ground. A Coupling, on the other hand, is used to join two lengths of ground wire or tape together.

A Ground Rod Clamp is a clamp that connects a ground wire or tape to a ground rod, ensuring that the electrical current is properly discharged into the ground.

Copper Tape is a type of conductive tape that is used in grounding systems to provide a low-impedance path to the ground.

An Earth Pit is a hole dug into the ground for the purpose of grounding. It is typically filled with a conductive material such as bentonite or salt, and connected to the grounding system.

Square Tape is a type of grounding tape that is flat and wide, providing a larger surface area for grounding than a round wire. It is often used in applications where high current carrying capacity is required.

Other Earth Rod Fittings may include clamps, connectors, or terminals used to connect ground wires, rods, or tapes to each other or to other components of the grounding system.

Together, these components make up a grounding system that helps to protect people, equipment, and buildings from electrical hazards.

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