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lightning arrestor 1.5 meter

A lightning arrestor is an electrical component designed to protect buildings and other structures from lightning strikes. It works by providing a low-impedance path to the ground for lightning strikes, preventing the lightning from damaging electrical equipment and causing fires.

The lightning arrestor with a 1.5-meter length is a type of grounding system designed to dissipate the energy of a lightning strike and divert it away from the protected structure. It consists of a metal rod or conductor that is mounted on the structure and connected to a grounding system. When lightning strikes, the electrical current travels through the conductor and into the grounding system, where it is safely dispersed into the ground.

The 1.5-meter length of the lightning arrestor is important because it allows the conductor to extend above the structure, providing a clear path for lightning to follow to the grounding system. This helps to prevent lightning strikes from damaging the structure or electrical equipment within it.

Lightning arrestors come in various sizes and types, depending on the specific application and environment. It is important to choose the right type of lightning arrestor for the specific application and to follow manufacturer instructions and guidelines for installation to ensure proper electrical safety. Improper installation of lightning arrestors can lead to safety hazards such as electric shock, power surges, and fires.

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